Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"


It was pretty cool

Pretty sweet

Sweet graphics. Good sound and music. The cannon and it's power-ups are cool. The left and right controls kept freaking out tho. You could easily sit in the middle of the screen and do fine but if you get right under the enemies you can light them up. Besides broken controls just suck. Difficulty ramps up quickly.

Pretty good game

It was interesting to play I guess (purple works well as a color to destroy stuff, it's ironic) and the graphics weren't too shabby. My biggest complaint is that the control seemed to get out of hand and I kept going from one screen to another instaneously. Still, it's nice to see stuff made by guys like Daniel Sun, secondstamp, and D3vilsheep.

Pretty easy for me.

until my triple fire power up died...
then all hell went loose lol
good game though
pretty damn hard

Good, ball ripping challenging, but good

It is impossible to last for long for me. I got to the second stage I guess. There is no time to shoot as many shots as you have to, or to charge the weapon enough that it will make a difference compared to just clicking quickly.