Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"

yeah well..

just like zuhane said i think you need more power ups or like after each stage we can upgrade ou turret and all those stuff you know because after a while theres like 50 Huge enemy appearing and you kill it in like 10 shot so...need to be more power ups (wall,medic,shield...) but overall idea i not bad (3/5) (7/10)

Too hard

Just got stupidly hard after like... what... 30 seconds? About 1 powerup appeared.

Awesome, but

Pause button, plz.

Weapons sucked

First start I was getting a power up showing up every 10 seconds. Then (after dying), a power up would show up once per minute. Why such a huge range in power-up random show up?

For a game of this type (IE: shit load of enemies spamming you), just give out auto-fire as the default weapon. Constantly clicking the mouse button to fire each round is just horrible. Might as well call this "Carpal Tunnel Gunner". The laser is ok, but enemies don't line up well, so again with the massive click-fest. The spread-shot I can understand being single-shot, since it's powerful and multi-shot. The heavy bullet is just ... not worth it. It didn't seem to do much more damage, and still have to click each bullet.

The audio sfw & music (and voice) were great. But the the weaponry really killed this for me. I eventually gave up after a few minutes of playing. Don't plan on playing this again, either. It's too abusive for my taste.

not THAT good

it wus kinda boring, prety much like space invaders. it had kool grafics, but "didn`t quite fit"