Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"

i found a cheat

if you kill enough enemies, you'll go from wave 1 to wave 100 instantly.

like everyone else said, the games gets hard real fast. gameplay is solid but difficulty needs tweaking.


that got REAL hard REAL fast. Its good but the difficulty curve takes a sharp incline a few minuets into the game and becomes almost impossible.

Game won't fit on screen

Would have given it higher but its hard to really enjoy it if the game's width is greater than my LCD.


Because of the fixed fire rate being so slow, it's next to impossible to get anywhere in this game.

Also, make sure you can't rotate the gun outside of 180 degrees both ways.


This is great, but while the number of enemies makes for a tougher challenge, it IS too much for one turret to handle. Maybe instead of bonus drops, you just switch turret types after buying them, granted, it's been done before but, there's no problem in going with what works. Another option would be if the bonuses accumulated, much like your "nuke" meter, then each shot would take a portion of energy to fire. Lastly, more bonus types would be a great addition; Filling the "nuke" meter, auto-firing turrets, that kind of thing.