Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"

its just ok...

nothing to keep my attention long. you gotta do something better, like...i dont know. first lvl was boring to fast.

it is very well done though, but i'm easily turned off by games like this. i hate clicking my mouse so much. holding it down would be nicer. cheap sure, but who cares....

but it is a good game. well done.

Done to death.

5 is for average. Its not that the game is bad, its not that the game is good, its that this game was alot more fun the first millions times I played it as a million other titles since Space Invaders in the arcade.

No offense to the creator, but wouldn't you feel more satisfied with your work trying to do something innovative? Or at the very least interesting...?

Well it is good and a bit addicting

Its goo and quite addicting but its too hard if only there were less enemies


the game is awsome but there is one thing :why it's harder to play with every wepon upgrade!?

kinda repetitive

Good graphics, good sound track, but fairly linear. It delivers what it says.