Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"

didn't quite fit

I have long considered the style mech-ish fugly and never going to happen in the future.

but for the nice voice, that's good.

slick and stylish

but not that fun. Very repetitive, not particularly interesting, and rather uninspired enemy design. Not to mention the powerups really didn't add much to the game. better luck next time.

Woah... splosions...

Fun game, though it could have a little more features...

way to easy and a bor

this game needs a lot of inprovement,
first off the art work is horrible and its very very easy i got to level 10092 in less then 10 mins and they're a millon other games like this im never gona play this game again nothing i will remember about you will get better i hope dont worry but you need to work it out before you post things like this on here.

I liked it a lot!

The difficulty curve, however, I don't like as much. It starts off okay but it quickly gets much harder. If upgrades lasted longer, it might balance that out. But there are just too many enemies too quickly to be able to make this gimmick work well.