Reviews for "Heavy Gunner"


Youve got an excellent story line and idea on your hands...but I would recomend some upgrades and mabey tone down the difficulty just a bit.

It gets way to hard way to fast

Either make the guns stronger or weaken the enemies it would help a lot

bad hitboxes

the hitboxes on some of the enemies are REALLY off and the laser powerups make it worse. the game's ok, but there are a lot of games like this out there. the only things that "wow"ed me were the graphics and the music

but again, the hitboxes were bad, the power ups mostly sucked and honestly seemed like power DOWNs half the time

this game needs some work
the graphics are good, but the gmaeplay is lacking and a bit faulty

5/10 and 3/5. the graphics saved this from getting a 3 or lower


Cool concept i like it. Next time u should add upgrades and maybe waves of enemies so u can shop in between. The gun does get stuck sometimes

ALRIGHT!..o wait..nvm

upgrades man upgrades..