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Reviews for "Enigmata"

AWESOME GAME, pretty challenging even on normal mode, gets hard at points and easier at others... made it to the boss world but I wish you had more medals (for example beating the boss world)

lost a star due to my aggravation at the lack of options, once you beat level 20 you get the option to restart with everything you have or continue for the last medal, there's no reason to restart at the point and you don't get the option later....

Not bad but there's just too much shit going on. Too many upgrades, too hard to see the enemies, too many power-ups. Still alright though. You get an extra half star for having the option to turn the volume off right off the bat unlike almost every other single thing on this website.

Best game on NG

My personal favorite of Newgrounds.

unfair gold

I was farming for gold, getting about 40000 a try, then I found a ultra rare super coin, gave me 3 million coins! Got the best ship and many good upradges from the Elite Shop and be ultimate at the first levels. Great game but a little unfair.

Call me unfair but...

'Sheild' 'unaccuracy' Y U NO Spellcheck? Otherwise game was good but seriously, why, why do so many people fail at running a spellcheck in Word?