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Reviews for "Enigmata"


the graphics, controls, and weapons were pretty good and the skills were a nice touch that I don't think I ever saw in a game of this type but very little changes from level to level (same background and enemies not even much variation in the bosses) so it gets pretty repetitive.

Those Popcap spaceship games are better than this

Graphics are crappy. Boss battles are like notthing's new.
Only the speed up and the X thingies are pretty cool to add on a game.
But overall near-crap.

Cool until u cant get past em lol....its amazing

its all cool

Some Errors

They spelled Kamekazi wrong... That insults me...

Kidgamez responds:

Sorry lol, not the best speller


i only played for about 20min, and thats enough time to be able to tell you that you made one kick ass game. This game goes right to my favorites. 5/5 and a 10/10! keep up the good work!!!!!!!! P.S.- i love the title, its space, its supposed to be all flashy.