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Reviews for "Enigmata"

Just clocked it in 9 hours :O

The only game I have played with out a break. What a wicked game!
Got all of the achievements and I finally killed Epic! What a hard bastard!
So started out with an RS fighter, then upgraded until I got RS Nithilium (elite).
Then I went and bought all the ships ;)

Here's a tip for people who find it hard to kill the last few bosses:

If you go in with a crappy gun like the green spread fire type or even the Amazatron, you'll die. You pretty much have to play the game for 9 hours to be able to afford a decent ship setup. The trick is to get the 'keep power-ups even after level completion' (or what ever) upgrade the rare weapons (found in the purple portal) then obtain one of the rare (and awesome) weapons the level before the boss, power it up with the multi direction power-up, then get your ass out of the level (warp speed (x) to the end of the level) before you get another gun changing power-up. This weapon combo complete with boss missiles, elite bombs, two backup ships, a particle gun, and energy+health rejuvenators, you might just stand a change - although it took me 3 or 4 tries.

Noticed a few spelling mistakes scattered throughout the game, but only nit picks - did not hinder the in-game experience.

Game play was smooth and easy to follow.

A few.. questions.. however:
I chose to continue the fight in stead of going back in time and now it won't let me proceed past level 26. What gives?
Is there still a way to travel back in time?
What was the point behind time traveling back to level 1?
I'm getting 100% on level 26 but my bonus is now only showing excellent (as opposed to the 'perfect' I used to get) and my gold bonus is only a mere 5000! How am I going to save to get the $10million boss portal on those kind of wages?

In closing: Although this game was ridiculously fun, I'm now wondering why I just spent the last 9 hours playing a computer game. But I did. 5/5 To the creator! Job well done.

235440 :0

When I crew up (game over) I have Score: 235440 with Rank: Fighter :)


Fun: This game is one hell of a ride! Tons of enemies, tons of upgrades, 9 different ships. This game just screams "PLAY ME!"! This game gave me hours and hours of pure enjoyment, and as soon as I'm done writting this review, I'm giving Enigmata 2 a go!
5/5 Most fun I've had with a flash game in ages!

Length: This thing will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours! With 26 levels of fun, and a rediculous amount of upgrades, you won't be leaving it anytime soon!

5/5 Been playing it a loooong time!

Learning: This game looks complex, but it's actually somewhat easy to pick up. Health, and an energy bar for special tricks. Granted all the pick-ups take a bit to memorize, but that's expected. This games easily a "pick up fast, play forever " kind of game.

5/5 Pick up and go!

Quality: The graphics are amazing! Very detailed ship designs, with almost no similarities between enemies! It ran smoothly and was a blast to watch! The little guy in the corner giving you advice, could have been touched up a tad, or just non-existent. But I was too focused on the action to pay much attention to him.

5/5 Spectacular!

Difficulty: I didn't find the game too difficult. then again, theres normal and hard. then theres also boss world. I wouldn't recommend trying that till you have everything you could possibly want/get.

5/5 Tough but not too tough, unless you want it ;)

Replay ability: To be honest, I don't think I'd want to start from scartch. Once you finally unlock the black market, restarting would just be irritating. However, I love to reload and keep playing, trying to buy all the different upgrades.

4/5 Wouldn't want to start over, but it's still fun as hell!

Originality: That's a tough call. I saw a similar game called Upgrade Complete. This looks like a totally revamped form of it. Seeing as how this was submitted 2 months AFTER that game got submitted here, that means it's very liekly the basic idea of this was from that game. gota mark you off for that. However you included ALOT of stuff they didn't so I'm not saying it's a direct copy, but it IS undeniably similar.


Additional comments: This game is the bomb! you clearly spent alot of work on it, and I want to recognize you for that! Lots of very cool effects, weapons, upgrades, and playtime! By far one of my top 3 favorites of all time!

Overall: I'd recommend this game to anyone and I'm definetly going to put it on my site! Hope to see more just like this, and since theres a second, I'm gona play that just as soon as I click Submit.

33/35, remarkable job!

My Faaaaaaaaaaaaavourite !

It is an awesome game of space shooting . Great work , kidgamez!

great game!

cool game