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Reviews for "Enigmata"

Fun game

I played this game for hours it's amazing and fun but the medals arnt working for me :(

Pretty good

While i did find the music to be rather annoying (thank goodness for mute) this is otherwise a fairly standard space shooter. Storyline was pretty good though which helped it stand out a bit but otherwise its just average, yet fun.

'tiss be ok

its a good game and i like that you can have upgradeable stuff and multiple ships but i think it is a little reapative the "flying destroy other ship games" have been around for sometime now... try to give it a new twist if you plan to make another game like this


best game ever


This was the kind of flash game I like, very fun and addictive, not massively complex, I like how you you have to pick and choose your upgrades rather than just buy everything. Visually pretty cool, if the different enemy types had significantly different behaviors it would be more challenging, but otherwise me likey.