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Reviews for "Enigmata"

How the hell have I never found this? This has got to be the best game on NewGrounds I've found since Star Squadrons. Only problem I have is that the mini bosses when killed always seem to drop either nothing or the darkness X power-up Instead of a helpful boost or gold.

Played this games years ago. also played enigmata 2. Wanted to play enigmata 2 today but couldn't find it. Was it removed from New Grounds?

Thanks for the update, but your sister's Bandcamp link is dead, if you can provide an alternative for us to download it, it will be awesome. And what happened to your sequel?

Played it years ago.
Love it to this day.
Always fun to replay a quality masterpiece.
Sorry to hear about Enigmata Genu's revenge and the issues the engine has been facing for soo long.


Well I must say this one was very intend the graphics alone on the ships were smooth very well detailed and the game itself was not too hard the amount of upgrades really make it fun and able to survive so a very good game here indeed, I was impressed with the game very much.

Much more medals ofcourse and maybe a few more ships.