Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

The Game is astonishing

Very well done, wonderful mechanics and gameplay...
despite the plot being more or less a "Jump into the fray," it was great.

Would love to see more levels, and all you gotta do on those hard ones is bump up your attack and shield (perfer attack at beginning, then shield, then energy) and pick gattling, it's the best (did the math ;) Also, that missing achivment you have to do lv 19 with the first gun ^^

Wonderful, can't wait for the sequel/prequel/new update X3


this game is one of the greatest games i have played, yet i played a bunch of games.
I good controls but good story.
Too the phrases are...um.......deep!
10/10 5/5 for this game

Good, but too hard sometimes

Lovely game, some minor typos in the text though. I beat all of the main story, but Lok is too hard to kill. His movement patterns are too erractic to prevent him from ramming into you and depleting your health. Maybe I might just be using the wrong weapon...

played this on armour games

heh i played this on armour games.com. On the 3rd boss and man it's really hard to doge most of it's attacks even when u have other enemies shooting at you. XD good to use the regenerate rRobot on really intence levels and bosses :P

Great, and featured in a magasine.

You know, this game was featured in a game magasine! (I don't know if it's against Newgrounds' guidelines to write the mag name, so I won't.) The game is great, with unlockables and good gameplay, but it is the SLIGHTEST repetitive. Great work! Thanks!

lucidrine responds:

Mind PM me what magazine? O_o