Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

I quite enjoyed this

Replayed it several times, enjoyed it very much, Ignore the haters talking about the mouse based movement being bad control, much more responsive and pinpoint precise that just moving via keys.

Good game

Good game with intense action, but on some of the levels once you get all the weapons then the suspense is gone...that's my only complaint.

Give an alternate control capability

Making the ship controlled by mouse is just annoying... what happened to the arrow keys??? You could at least give two alternate control styles.But other than that, an average game with good graphics.


Games where the controls are more of an enemy than the enemies are not fun games.

You honestly *set out* to make a game with terrible controls? *Intentionally*? Just so you could be different?


Gets boring.. but its an allright game.

(+ 3 stars for the great grafix n the effort of making a flash game just like this)
This game gets boring easy even with upgrades but its allright
OVERALL: allright