Reviews for "Cube Colossus"


God this game is so fun. It would have been good just flying and shootin around but the upgrades and the RPG aspects are really cool.

Love it

Simply love this game. Have replayed it allot of times.
Can't wait until a Part 2 comes out or something!

awesome game

i had 1.30000000064 shield left on level 8 out of 6000 or so
sooo close lol

10 dollar download for free

that really is what it is it plays amazingly.

For the difficulty problems it lets you GO BACK to previous levels to get more gold for more upgrades so in a scene it is the easiest game in the world.


played this over at armorgames and thought i would write my review over here =)
The funnest game i've ever seen on newgrounds, hands down. The difficulty of the game is perfect! Starts of a little hard with all those damned cubes flying around and you have to figure out how to aim, then you progress, with satisfyingly difficult boss fights every five levels, new weapons, upgrades, and a fun final boss. Two final bosses. And the bonus final boss after Millie =) Took me a while to figure out i had to use missiles to stand a chance against that guy. And then the bonus AMU (loki's ship is way overpowered, as it should be since you beat the hardest boss in the game!), as is Excaliber haha!
I have two small complaints about the game, neither of which really impacted my opinion of the game much. 1, the grammer was a bit patchy in spots, so i'm assuming this game was transleted to english, or written by someone for whom english is a second language. oh well. 2, the Excalibur is impossible to get without some reasearch. i would have never thought to fight level 19 using the first weapon. Instead i tried getting perfect runs on Loki and level 20, and succeeded, and was left scratching my head why i didn't have the weap.
Still, extraordinarily fun game! Ignore idiots like Joskapista who can't handle a game that he actually has to try a little bit on.
Props dude, i eagerly await more!!