Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

awesome XD

hey this game was great and I have only one doubt I have the level 99 in all the improvements, I have all the ships and level 99 in weapon proficiency at all but I was not even unlocked the weapon called "Excalibur" as I do? if me and the trophies they are missing the upper right and left eh this trophy next to the act of passing a 100% life

Good game

Need more visible texts when in workkshop, need some popup information on upgrades (put cursor on "attack" and it actually tells you what it does in-game)
Same for "weapon levels".. what is it supposed to do? Im lvl 40+ in gatling.. and really im not sure it does anything special.. extra damage maybe?

The "Chain Break" pause-like event is extremely anoying, break the flow of the game.. just make it all more confusing when it happens several times in a row.. the basic cube death bullets are very guilty of this.

Maps are repetitive.

But, the game is fun to play, it controls well with the lock-on system (but personally i would have prefered movements linked to WASD keys, and aiming with mouse), weapon damage is shown on-screen so we know we are getting more powerfull.


i love everything about into

I love the gameplay

Simple, yet very entertaining. At the same time, the music is very good. Love the boss battle music, you should try to upload it here (I heard it from another game, then I realized that it was your other game Dirgantara). There were some typo but they're very small.

I'm not too fond with the controls

Yes I read that you wanted to invert the control scheme, but there is a reason WASD became the normal move keys and the mouse became the control for shooting in most games.
It's because for most people an easy to control gun is more preferable then a quick to respond ship. However some people prefer it the other way around which is why some Flash game developers have allowed people to choose between the Mouse control scheme and the WASD control scheme.
By taking away the choice between these two control shemes and leaving only one for the players, you hurt the gaming experience for those that find it hard to control ship movement with the mouse such as myself.
The rest of the game wasn't all amazing either.
The graphics did their job well, but only that. They weren't astounding or amazing or anything beyond good.
The soundtrack isn't something that is going to make me remember this game. In fact it sounds like something somewhat generic for a space ship shooter game.
And the playablility/entertainment is marred by the control scheme.
It's above mediocre as shown by its score of 4.16, but just barely.
On a sidenote: You wrote that the theme of this game was the "inverted" controls. However this is not something new or amazing by any standards. The only new thing you brought to mouse control is the lock-on ability. Something new yes, but nothing that makes this game standout from the rest of the pack of Space Shooters out there.
I hope that you will consider what I said in this review and take it into account on your next Flash Project.