Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

kind of confusing for the controls and would be funner if you could move around more

Played this years ago...

..And it was such a good game, it stuck in my memory and i came back to play some more :D


This is a great arena-style shmup with great graphics and overall amazing gameplay; you did very great, and there needs to be a sequel. I love this game!

Awesome Game!

Loved the difficulty, story, music, it's an all around awesome game, great job!

Excelent game!

Everything about this game is epic, the graphics, the plot and specially the music. I played this a year ago or so and remember my first experience fighting the final boss, and then Loki, definitely one of my favorite flash games. Very good job, Lucidrine studio. I would rate this more than 10 if I could.