Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"

Not bad

What you've done here is pretty intriguing, although it suffers from some critical flaws.

First, I laud you on your use of black and white, it sets the tone of the piece well, making it stark and somewhat moody. It stands out certainly due to an impressive use of color (or lack thereof).

The music also accompanies the piece quite well.

The animation shows a decent amount of hard work, but you should observe movement a bit more closely. All the motions in the piece seem to run into one another. This is because there is no pause in between actions. It's ok to hold a frame for a little while to provide a pause. It makes the individual actions a little more distinct and makes it appear as though your character is not just running through a series of predetermined actions. If you're opposed to having a still frame, you could trace the character a couple of times and cycle through 3 frames of it at rest to produce a vibrating effect.

Next, you should have a little more fun with the animation. Little embellishments and flourishes can really help make a piece. Take for example when his eyes pop out of his head. Having them just pop out and having him put them back in is inherently interesting because of the subject matter, but it would be even more so if you played around with the animation a bit more. Maybe one eye falls out and dangles a bit, and then the other one falls out. The bunny could put them back one at a time instead of doing both at once, and maybe they don't pop back in nearly as easy as they came out. All of these things would add a little more personality to the animation.

Also, as a side note: Stress Bunny bears a striking resemblance to Foamy the Squirrel at some points. Just an observation.

On a last note, your frame rate seems kinda low. This works in some areas of the animation pretty well, and others less so. The point where it affects it most is when Stress Bunny is floating around the screen with the little bunnies. I have the feeling it was supposed to look kind of peaceful, but due to the low frame rate it just looks kind of choppy. I'd recommend making a test dummy (basic figure) and motion tweening it along whatever path you want Stress Bunny to float, and then drawing over each individual frame, which would help alleviate some of the choppiness. Other than that, all I can recommend is upping the frame rate. You could animate some parts on twos and others on ones if you like, but if you want to create something a little more fluid, you're going to have to up the frame rate a bit.

But, congratulations on making an interesting, moody and intriguing animation. Good luck on your next one.

StressBunnyInc responds:

i never use tweening and i never will!!!! lol
and thanks for the extremly long comment :D
it will help me in the long run


The animation is unique and the plotline is very interesting. I love it.


Really strange.
The music was a great choice! One of my fave songs by my fave band! Love "Lost Keys"

to tell you the truth

i didnt really like it...
but you used tool so that is the only reason you are getting 7/10


if you were trying to make one hell of an acid trip you succeded XD