Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"


if you were trying to make one hell of an acid trip you succeded XD

short...but intruiging

well il start by saying i liked it, and i thought your choice of song (which is Tool) was excellent although i think you should have made the video longer and have incorperated the song a bit more so il give you a six outof ten.


your audio, starts late and don't end when the flash ends.

but, since you used Tool I forgive this minor problem.


Clearly a unique piece and overall well animated! Keep up the good work!


You changed the music and fixed the play button!!! ?:( ?:( ?:(
I liked it the way it was... :(
Before the change: 10/10 5/5
At least I still have the old version saved in my computer...
This animation was in my favorites ever since you submitted,
I really liked it, always gave a feeling of loneliness.