Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"


really lovely animation. The sounds and strangeness of it all freaked me out but in the best possible way.

i can't even explain it.

The music and the animation and the fact that it was a rabbit, it unearthed all these suppressed memories. I don't know what they are, but they're there. It reminded me of Watership Down for some reason, which i hated as a child because i couldn't stand seeing rabbits that way. It gave rabbits almost a pointless life. Pain and fear, it disturbed me.

Blame Hofmann

Excellent use of the music for this. Seems like someone had a bad trip. The music is Tool - Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) from the album 10,000 Days.

what did bunny find int he tree?

i watched this several times and i didnt quite get what he saw. but i did understand that he fell in the tree and he tried to climb up but he was pulled down.

The Pariah, the parrot and the delusion

I thought to myself "her first flash movie worked really nice, but won't this one feel like some kind of rip-off ? Or an effortless second movie to reproduce the first formula who was a success ?"

But I was wrong, because this is actually better than the first movie, there is a apprehensible concept, with great realisation and morphing, and good music as always, The eternal problem is the pre-loader. And still the abstruse meaning.

If you succeed to involve this bunny into a bigger plan, then it would be absolutely grand.