Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"


i'm just gonna give you a 5/10 cuz i didn't understand one piece of thing in this but i liked the artwork and everything so yeah....

Pretty poor.

O.K. First things first; could you mot have designed your own rabbit, without copying the one from Weebls' "A Walk In The Woods".
Secondly, I do not understand why everyone likes these, frankly, kind of weird, surreal animations. I personally prefer animations that have at least some sense of a narrative. Your frame by frame (I presume) wasn't even that great. If you intend to do an animation like this, at least make it a bit smoother. I can understand how some may think the choppy-ness of it adds to the surrealism, but I think that the soundtrack (really, the only aspect I believed was good) handled it perfectly, the (purposefully (I'm sure from your point of view)) poor animation was overkill.
I can not quite understand how this achieved front page.


No plot to it, and I can even tell what half the stuff was.
Better luck next time.


wow that bunny is extremely high on something... that isnt wat i wanted to see i figgered with that name it'd be funny and music is obnoxious

what The hell?

The music was screechy and annoying, and i can't help but ask myself whether or not you were hopped up on crack or heroine when you had the idea.

StressBunnyInc responds:

your an asshole
its supposed to be like a bad drug trip
i wasnt high you ass