Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"

Pretty poor.

O.K. First things first; could you mot have designed your own rabbit, without copying the one from Weebls' "A Walk In The Woods".
Secondly, I do not understand why everyone likes these, frankly, kind of weird, surreal animations. I personally prefer animations that have at least some sense of a narrative. Your frame by frame (I presume) wasn't even that great. If you intend to do an animation like this, at least make it a bit smoother. I can understand how some may think the choppy-ness of it adds to the surrealism, but I think that the soundtrack (really, the only aspect I believed was good) handled it perfectly, the (purposefully (I'm sure from your point of view)) poor animation was overkill.
I can not quite understand how this achieved front page.

twas really good!

smooth animation, nice creepiness....

the only thing I didn't like was that the music started on the preloader page. that implies that no effort was made to make the animatio go with the rythmic music choice

anyway, good work! congrats on the reward


i'm just gonna give you a 5/10 cuz i didn't understand one piece of thing in this but i liked the artwork and everything so yeah....

very cool!

it was pretty weird, but i like dit

Always good

I loved this video, despite the fact you only worked on it for half a week. My fav part was when stress bunny's eyes popped out. But i still think your first video outshines this video.