Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"


i like the art style and plot dark, cool, and freaky is all i have to say

it was

good animation wise but i just didnt get it

Wooah Oo

I had to watch this twice just to understand it, and even then it still was unclear to me as to what the point of this was. I'm not saying that that is a bad thing, I still understood that Stress Bunny is pretty much screwed now that he fell into the tree.o-o The music played over itself when I returned to the preloader. Speaking of music, GIVE SOME CREDIT TO TOOL. Other than that though, this was oddly amazing, not really sure how to describe it :x

Lost Keys- Tool


That was awesome for so many different reasons. First off, you used Tool as a sound track. Although, you might want to look at fixing it so that it starts playing once you press play and stops at the end of the movie. I found it went on from the minute it loaded and didn't stop. The animation was dark, trippy, and generally badass in many different ways. It was a little shaky at one point although, that may have been the style you were going for. All in all, wonderful video, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

That was pretty nice

I loved the animation style you have. It's both cute and somewhat freaky (in a good way).
I loved how artistic this movie was and how random and cute.
I loved how it fit in well with the music.
You should make movies with bunnies more often.
Of course it's one fault would be that the music starts and the preloader and doesn't stop when the movie's over.
But still great work.