Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"

that was beautifully dark

it was art. Its bee a while since ive seen someone really succeed like that taking this route in flash. Awsome Job

StressBunnyInc responds:

Thank you

i can't even explain it.

The music and the animation and the fact that it was a rabbit, it unearthed all these suppressed memories. I don't know what they are, but they're there. It reminded me of Watership Down for some reason, which i hated as a child because i couldn't stand seeing rabbits that way. It gave rabbits almost a pointless life. Pain and fear, it disturbed me.

Insanely Creative!

I rarely scroll through the flash movies but the design of this flash caught my eyes. The creativity of Stress Bunny is astounding and admirable!!! The music choices in your videos is different, too which adds on to the originality here (never heard any of these songs before).

I can only hope to see more of Stress Bunny in the future and hope that the rest are just as perplexing.

keep on doing

i love your bunnys keep on doing more animations ;)


Well i never wrote a review to this one so here it is :)

First of all a thing that should be improved :P a play button and a little ending screen.

Then to the animation, I really enjoyed it. The music is totally awesome in this animation too. I love the way you did it with a black background, it resembles but gives a strong contrast against your first animation. lol what more to say? you are awesome <3 :)