Reviews for "Shopping City"

Not revolutionary, but entertaining nonetheless

This is a good game with a solid progression. Graphics aren't cutting edge, but they are eye catching. I like this game and I think many others will as well.

more exposure - give it a harry potter theme

I actually thought of a "turret defense" style game like this already with shoppers instead of enemies. Crazy. Anyway, I'll say good job like everyone else. I only wish it was easier to lure shoppers down an alternate path with different stores and "measures". You know, I'm not a Harry Potter fanatic, but most of the stories/movies featured shopping at Diagon Alley. Build wand shops, magic shops (like the weasley twins' shop), potion shops etc and you'll probably get a lot more exposure for this game.

so addicting

this game is so addicting and good i love it <3

not bad

its an all right game

Cool Game

this game i cool the only thing is that it is hard to get to your goal but i made it to level 9 this game is fun and the night club makes a lot on money