Reviews for "Shopping City"

Just Because

Its a great game it does go slow as everyone says but the thing is so do a lot of other sim games. Its there nature. 9.1 but since i cant give it that ill give a 9/10.

show allot about the world

needs a bit of work but it shows how ppl are geting to meterialistic and will just buy cuz thers somthing ther to buy

Like the concept, but....

The concept of the game is cool, but in th beggining it's a bit slow and by level 3 it's just too fast, and it could defenintly use some improvement, but the idea's there so keep it up :D

Difficulty level

Nice concept and decent gameplay but the difficulty level increases too much by level 3. Three tries now and not even close to the goal.


these types of games make people spend a valuable time. However, this game couldnt enjoy me as much as the other similiar games in the same group.Also,
i couldnt understand the reason why i lost the game.