Reviews for "Shopping City"

Way too repetitive and difficult...

This game has a fun and interesting idea behind it. It's definitely a unique spin on a tower defense type of game. That said however, there is a lack of innovative ideas and ways to keep the game fresh as you progress through it, making it quite repetitive. Also, I think if you had done some beta testing on this game before releasing it here, you would have not only gotten that comment a lot, but would have also had people tell you that the game becomes far too difficult. I can't tell you how many times I played levels 4 and 5 in order to beat them. By the time I finished level 5, I was not only bored with the game but also aggravated with how difficult it was. I'm up for a good challenge, but sometimes there's such a thing as a game being TOO tough to enjoy.

fun but

like sinistr said its to hard to earn money, and u should ad some nice music dude


it was fun until it said i failed.. it is a tad bit hard to earn money... needs more attributes..


just by looking at the game menu made me know this would be a awesome game good job

A mixture of feelings... both good and bad

So this game is fun to play... there is no denying that it is quite fun to try and suck every single cent out of the consumer populace. However, while this game is charming... it soon becomes repetitive and you find yourself using the "fast mode option" to speed up the pace... and eventually even that begins to seem a bit too slow. For a game of this calibur it fails to offer any new content the further you get into the game.

Yes, more shops will become available. Yes you will be able to have larger crowds, more complex maps, and make more money... but there are no new gameplay elements... which makes it turn from a charming game of devilry and corporate tycoon overlord... to a game of repetitive monotony that eventually drives you to seek something more stimulating.

I would suggest adding a few things to the game. Perhaps when a robber shows up, you have to use police baricades to box him in? When a fire starts you click on the flame and get a mini-game where you put out the fire. The faster you put it out... the less the repair costs are. There are little things you could do... and you could also make more content that you can PURCHASE later on. New marketing gimmicks, bigger speakers... ad bulletings... road side stalls. There needs to be more to keep people sitting at their computer and playing. As of right now... I'm bored and I don't see myself coming back to this game.

But it did delight my evil side as I watched the hordes of people waste their money in my shops.