Reviews for "Shopping City"

Get rid of the time limit, and it'll be better.

I quite enjoy these kind of games! ^_^

a little slow

ok but slow 10/10


i'm into games like this game and i get really addicted. but why do put it as a racing mall or something? its a good game, you just modified the shopping street.
so if you did change the "race" thing i would give it a 10/10

Not bad

I am not a fan of these kinds of games (although I did play Sim City a lot). The graphics are a little simplistic, but they are pretty nice overall. You seemed to have gone out of your way to make a world that was truly your own. I am a little confused by how the buildings and things are set up, but that's not your fault. There was effort put into this, given with the number of things you could do in this game. It was enjoyable and I would recommend it to someone who likes these games.