Reviews for "Shopping City"


This is a very good game, but there should be more tips in the beginning of the game. I had a hard time getting adjusted to the new maps.

Very Fun

I Found This Game Quite Fun! The Problem Was, It Was Hard To Gain All That Money For Buildings Like The Night Club, Thats The Reason I Give It Nine, Not Ten.


fun sim, difficult, could of had some other options. although i liked it, i was disapointed when i beat it, and i obtained nothing, not a free play, not an extra board, nothing. just an "awesome" wasnt worth the effort.

repetitive but fun

The game at first seems alright i enjoy its diversity, still even that has its limit. i couldn't play long because i just got bored, Still the game is fun but for how many levels the game to me doesn't have the enjoyment in order to reach the final level. Still i enjoyed it.... but for about 20 minutes then i was just done i don't know if i could come back to playing this for a while, but still for what it is its worth a try

Not too bad.

This game is a nice, laid back game. However, it does get boring quickly....
It's not exactly a game you could spend hours playing. Graphics and actual gameplay was good though.