Reviews for "Shopping City"

Sandbox mode request

Ok, i think the factor time is annoying. You cant upgrade all stores, or just watch how the city develops (like on sim city). If you return to a beated area, all the building have dissapeared.. for me, the game will pass from a sad 3 to a 10 if you add a sandbox mode

Mental midgets

If you think this game is to hard then you should be playing nintendo! God forbid you try at anything pussies! "I can't beat it in 5 min.""WHA WHA WHA" It's great you don't get pussy! your geans are worthless!


good game lots of fun

it REALLY needs a "change quality" button

but otherwise, its okay i guess


Its some awesome shiz! But ya get an 8 cuz i don't really like these type of games :P