Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

Super! this one is better than the last two, beacuse this time you have to choose in the beginning, which path to take, so then the game splits in two different and fantastic adventures.

not feeling the fact i cant complete this game

you got two glitches, they are both in the vase temple. when reemus steps from one stone to another the stone on the left with the warm colors stay sunk in. the second is when liam turns on and off the left statue carrying the vase. the game just freezes after each of these problems happen.


Its a great game but the sreen goes black at some point in the game which gets annoying

Found a small bug.

Little bit of a bug notice if your standing on a pressure plate (the ones that pick colors) and then click to move to next screen the pressure plate will be stuck and you won't be able to switch colors. Other than that I love these games.

Glitch found

In the first area, Liam is able to move right, past the bees, resulting in a completely black area. I'm guessing this has to do with the Adobe problem.