Reviews for "Journeys of Reemus: Ch 3"

This has a different type of puzzle element added to the point and click style that, in my opinion, didn't add a lot to the experience.
But I cherish you to keep diving into new stuff.
One thing that was underwhelming for me is that, while the art was more polished, the designs were mostly normal looking. I missed the weird inorganic nature designs you had in your previous games.

Fun, great music, and the great story leaves you wanting more. I adore a good point-and-click so I hold a bit of bias here but anyone who hasn't tried out this game and the series as a whole should try it. During play however I found a bug where when you're trying to free the fly and click the directional keys too fast it leads to a black scene where you have to restart the whole scene. A bit annoying when it happens twice in a row but besides that this remains the best chapter so far.


and here is one of those different kinds of games, as you can have some very nice animation and even better "ART-WORK" on this one you really pushed the limits of something like this, the smooth art was just pretty amazing, as for the game itself that was actually notbad either and was highly impressed.

Onlything at all and maybe its nothing but some "FLASHY" outcomes on effects and also much more medals.


This is a great game, the fourth (there is chapter 0) in series of adventures of Liam and Reemus - two very funny characters who are so well made that they deserve a cartoon made after them. A must play.

I found this chapter to be the weakest in the series except for the chapter 0. The reason why this chapter is weaker is because there are puzzles that are also puzzles in the game - I prefer puzzles that are rather some funny and dangerous in-life situation characters must solve rather then sitting and putting pegs in holes.

Still hovewer this game is great because the whole series is great, the artr, characters, story and humor - all that is of the highest quality and compete with classics like Monekay Island and LucasArts games, but this is free!

The level select is broken, when I click on a level to play it I get taken to a black screen with the two arrow symbols in the bottom left and right corners, and the ending screen rock music playing. If I click reset, the music stops, but not much else happens. If I click reset after I got to the ending screen by playing the game, it resets to the last level of that route (Happened with Reemus' PATH OF AGGRESSION - Not sure about Liam's PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE). Other than that, fantastic SJoR gameplay as usual.