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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"


its fun except the gun keeps shooting long after ur done pressing the mouse and theres way too much text it pissed me off


good graphics, good sounds but I don't think you seem to grasp the concept of fun


this game didnt work at the beggining all i see is DARK BASE
the hive

as much as id like to finish the game

i really cant!
you guys need to make a loading screen to load all objects before you go to the next area christ so much lagg at the start.

still this game has much potential the lagg is what's pissing me off.

do what doom 3 or quake 4 did... seperate loading times then ill give you a 10/10
but for now its a 7/10 g'day


this game is simply pro. excellent work, going in my favs. more levels would be nice, but i'm sure we'll have more to look forward to in the future. to those of you who rated a 1 or 0 for your browser not handling it:

please dont even bother reviewing a game you cannot play. it is rude.

Xplored responds:

Thanks. Not for the vote "10". Well, ...of course we like 10... but it's even more imortant to eead a player like you asking to other users to avoid voting if they are unable to play the game for technical reasons.
We are so sorry for that, the "lag", but this is due to the complicate technical features we wanted to implement in game, that overload the not performing computers/browsers.
Anyway we promise that Xplored future games will be compiled with our newcoming flash engine that will solve all that.
Xplored Team