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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"

Smoother Gameplay?

I disagree. The response of the game to my mouse was awful.

Good but get a mute button!

Gameplay and Graphics is good but I didnt like the sound, I wanted to listen to music while playing but there isnt any mute button .... get one!

great game

did that movie doom inspire you?

does not load

does not load, just a blank white screen, and yes i have most recent flash player

Excellent game

I definately noticed the improvements you made to this game in contrast to Darkbase 1. Everything was a little tighter and more thought-out. I have to say that my favorite part of the game was taking the beamer and annihilating the cave. That was awesome. The grenade launcher on the machinegun was also a nice addition. It gave a little depth to what otherwise would be "point here, hold down mouse, walk in circles". The flashlight was also interesting because you didn't need it in some of the darker parts, but it was nice to have. I personally enjoyed not turning it on and seeing the muzzle flash from my gun light up.

Great atmosphere, good controls, nice weapons, cool story. The only things I would improve on is the music you used, and have someone check over your spelling. I did notice that grenade was spelled "granade". Other than that, awesome.