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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"

Nice but familiar

Hi, I really like it but it seems so similar to other games specially the blood in the floor...

Are you using any kind of similar engine?
Maybe next time u can use isometric point of view.

Bye, Lucho.


Awesome game, decent concept, only 3 complaints, which is rare...
Make it harder
Lose the song lyrics, the guitars great but the lyrics just seemed to ruin it... = /
And make it a bit longer : p

(Although more guns always helps...)


It's a very interesting game^^


Wow I see a large improvment! This is like a smaller-compact version of Doom... however when it says use WASD keys to move you forgot to mention you can use the arrow keys aswell. My favorite weapon was the shot-gun however... I chose it because its so relistic it seems to be the one gun that can make you win a large battle with many alians. I did like the art and driven consept the map however was a bit annoying and pointless, mabye if you guys made it so it could also be a mini map that would help. any-way 8/10.

love this game but some enymeis (yes i know there is a typo) that spawn a lot of enimies are really anoying other than that i love it