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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"

Purely Fantastic

I absolutely love this game. I had always dreampt of a game like this, and here it is! Finally!

Really Great

Although I didn't play through the whole game, I really enjoyed it. The story progression was well done. I though I was going to get bombarded with pages of story trying to explain every detail, but it was spread into little 2 sentence bits every now and then.
The game also had an addicting factor to it which made you want to keep on going.. unveil the plot and see whats coming up next.

Great Game

Great Game!

I really liked your game the only thing i found frustrating was the buttons kept sticking. I.E. Pulling the map up and then making it go away same goes for the flashlight and weapons.

Good Game..

..keeps you on your toes,nice environments.but it was a bit short.i wldnt'v minded playin for a bit more ^^

Good, but mute is must.

I liked the concept well enough, if simple, and i did play and complete the game, but for the love of god and all that is good get some new title music. That one girl punk song is terrible and I almost didn't play the game just because of that. Otherwise, not bad.