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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"


Good but too easy

to easy

everthing was better, but improvment is never perfect, also the game was to easy and to much ammo, you need to make the enemy withstand more shots, and less ammo, also I TAKE NO PRISNOR!( yes i know missplled.

cool but....

when you die you have to start from the very starting of the level, you should make checkpoints throughout each level. other then that it was great... and it wasnt laggy like at all for me and i have a horrible computer.... only time is when there are like a million monsters from the monster spawner thingys... and just because its laggy doesnt mean you have to give it a 0 thats retarded and same with the rip off....

The Lag wasn't that bad

I was expecting the lag to be ungodly terrible, due to the reviews. But I found, yes, there was lag, but It was easily taken care of if ya blew those little fucks away >:D.

It was an amazingly fun game. Sadly short, but deffinately has some replay value.

I feel they must've worked hard on this game. There was enough ammo about to make it so you can continuously use your bigger guns. Then, in that aspect, they threw enough enemies at you to NEED those bigger guns.

The only thing I felt kinda sucked about it; The Mines weren't ... pizzazzy enough. (Couldn't think of an appropraite word) They needed to do something more than just blow up. Perhaps next time, have them slow/Paralyze or even possibly become a light source of fire continuously burning.

I definitely give 5/5, 10/10\

Good job!

****KEY NOTE****

THE LAG ISN'T THAT BAD!!!!!!!! Don't let the reviews below me fool you!


I love the whole Horror/Sci-fi feel to this game.
And i noticed that you extended the flashlight light which means that you actually read these comments i thought i was great and im looking forward to a sequel and maybe a knife or a sword for close-quarters for the next game. :D
10/10 stars