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Reviews for "DarkBase 2 - the Hive"


not bad i like it but there are a few simple things that need touching up... defanatly a mini map (and big 1) graphics are a little shody and the only colour is gray etc etc but a genrall good game (especially with more improvements).


I saw the controls, seemed nice. But when I try to play it, it friggin' loads everything at the same time on my computer it lagged for 2 minutes before I could close it.
I knew this would happen when I saw it was Crazy Mokey's. You never consider average PCs.

What's the point if I can't play it?

what a crash

You overloaded the game with new weapons, new enemies, ...

Just too few levels, Way too short. Way too easy, too!

No suspense.

In contrast to first game which I liked very very much.


The Ammo number is still too dark.

I got a sticky mine E key, which fired off all my mines.

Shotgun has no reload click, should be able to hold down fire.

Door ways mid-late game were darker than walls...? opposite from standard.

Otherwise.. brilliant.


The Die Hard referance made me lol big time.
Otherwise I agree that this is a big improvement from the first installment.
Nice Work.