Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Very good

When i watched this i didn't see the little info button so it took me a few flashes to notice you all used the same sounds. I thought this was a very good idea and most of the interpretations where pretty funny and original. The one about the dinosaurs was my favorite. Keep it up and i want to see another one in the near future.

Noodle responds:

It would almost be more entertaining if it took a few times to notice, then you get that point of realization. Haha

Another is a possiblity, but NEAR future might be pushing it ;)


It was funny and quite random. The aliens were kinda annoying. XD

Noodle responds:

There were so many space like noises haha

Good good

I liked it, but some of the sound were annoying. I like the concept of each person using the same sounds differently, but in practice, its not the case: how many lightsabers, ducks and tongues?

Noodle responds:

From what I can remember off the top of my head, 2 light sabers, like 5 ducks, and half a million tongues. Haha

Fascinating from a creative perspective

It's an awesome use of creative perspectives on the same sound. In theory awesome but not so much fun to watch. Hearing the same sounds over and over got a little annoying. Perhaps randomly rearranging the sounds differently for each animator? It would at least eliminate the predictability of what sound comes next for the viewer.
Since each member contributed a sound effect, if you do this again you might want to ask members to keep in mind the viewers by not choosing high-pitched tones, which can be especially hard to hear repeatedly.

Noodle responds:

Rearranging the files defeats the purpose somewhat.
But suggesting about the pitch, I can manage.

Not so good

same sound effects doesn't quite make it interesting, but good use of it makeing it bland in without makeing the seperate flashes look anything alike except for the ducks at the end

Noodle responds:

I didn't make them all. They all look different because they were by different people