Reviews for "Core Defense"

its good

its a little too easy, but good... perhaps try making more enemies next time
by the way, did you know the big turret says it costs 500 but actually only costs 300?


i seen better

Really bland

I really couldn't find anything that makes this game standout from the sea of other ones. Irritating music didn't help.

Not too bad

And quite interesting, but it's too bad you can't buy additional lives. Yet you can't sell or remove the turetts you've already boult, but still if you try to build a new over the existing one or select a new turret but place it somewhere else, but not on the piont - you'll lose material and have no turret.
If this bug will be fixed, the game will be ok.

so so

it was fun i got to wave 27 i didnt like the cam movment tho if it werent for that i might of got all the way but that just me so but apart from that i loved it great gaem nice one