Reviews for "Core Defense"

im so mad

i placed a turret in a place it couldn't go and i didn't get it but it charged me anyway

Good concept poorly executed

Its a well conceived game and I spent a fair ammount of time on it, but the lack of a "continue" button and a maximum of 2 lives is quite frankly a load of bollocks, all it takes is a brief lapse in judgement and the last 30 mins of work is wasted. Takes out any replay value and makes the game itself frustrating. Think about revising this.

This game is alright

It was okay i played it for like 3 minutes though before my crossed arms started to hurt i liked the idea and the gameplay was semi-fun but moving with the keyboard and shooting with the mouse is really annoying especailly with my set-up

Needs some work, but decent

I would definitely like to see this game get some more work. It seemed overly difficult in the very tiresome, repetitive sense. Add some colors, more music, different enemies, maybe some power-ups the enemies could drop. Overall, not bad, but could use some work.

the game is ok.

the game is not so bad.
I like the idea of being yourself in action, while you get help from turrests and such, they should implent that into a HL2 Mod :P
The sound was bouncy, but i got the feeling that it wasn't that good.
My tip for you, when it comes to music, use an industrial one, there are many in newgrounds, it would fit in this genre, which i see as an industrial defence game.
Also you could work a bit more, polish the enemies, give them different colours.
Colours are there for showing the human mind new stuff, even when it's recycled, like a palette :P maybe make style more individual, it's up to you.
And you should think about the damage-balance, even if it's in an easy level, there should be challenges to do, so the player want to carry on.
Think a bit about the price-system, too. I don't know why i mention it, but i think it has something to do with their damage dealing.
Also i recommend you to make the enemies more stronger, with every level.
This game is really not bad, but it lacks something :P
i give you a four, so what do you think?