Reviews for "Core Defense"

err, well..

I guess its kinda decent, but get REALLY repetitive. There no real challange and the graphics arent great. The weaponry choice is pretty bleak, and as another guy said before, you cant really tell the difference. The audio is dull and repetitive. I wouldnt want to play this game again.....


Nice game and creativity though found it utterly boring after level 20 more so at 35 out of 40 levels the entire game has a wopping 4 enemies excluding the boss, the boss is easier than the enemies. Weapon upgrades are pretty crap you can barely tell the difference between the dmg from the rockets and orange lasers.

Would of been nice to have different enemies, weapon upgrades, possibly colors other than 1 color for everything (yes the red), a selling option for turrets seen they can't die i ended up with alot of machine gun turrets when i had enough cash to buy rocket turrets. Overall it was nice to play a defense game with something original like a bike same model and style from UT2004 which mind you you should of givin credit for.

Yes i play UT2004 and that bike is in the game double checked it just now.

eek! a bug!

I played on easy, but I lost all my ships around the 3rd wave. Then I made it until the enemy froze. (The indicator showed enemys in the lefter-up(?)) but they never came... so I quitted.

The game play was okay, but I'm missing a story. (Why do I have to protect this stupid "Core"? What is this Core? Perhaps we are evil and it's a bomb, which will destroy all being within 40 waves, if not destroyed? Or the enemies are robots and the core is a biohazardous storage which will raze out all humankind if destroyed? Or am I not human but some alien?)


so its a good game. ive noticed the missle blip (maybe you could make it so the missles and stuff stop at the end of level? or player invincible for the breaks?

i didnt notice the money bug (lol that made a funny image in my imagination) but it might be true as i didnt seem to have as much money is i thought i had worked out in my head after i had spent some on something.

through out the game i saw tht the enemys dropped like a randow amount or materials (1lvl i got over 100 mats, next lvl i got about 50) maybe you could define an upper and lower limit o the materials dropped per enemy type? (eg crap thing drops 5-15, medium craft drops 20 - 30, missile one drops 35-50 and bosses should drop 75-100 or what ever) that would make the game a tad easier especially as the upgrades near the end (which really are needed) cost a reasonable amount, but you fight have to fight through 3-5 rounds to get enough for them.

if you have a look at these problems nd maybey more which other people have identified and fixed them then i will play till this game is dead :)


The fun factor here is weak, If only the camera wasn't so bouncy I would easily rate this game 7/10.