Reviews for "Core Defense"

Good, but...

As I said, it's good. But there are few points that could be much better.
It does get way too repetitive after a while. Maybe make less levels, and upgrade faster? Or you could make more upgrade? I don't really know.
Selling turrets would be good. Or at least warn that they can't be replaced.

There a few bugs too. Some weren't that bad. Like the turret placement bug (not being able to cancel once you buy a turret). But some actually broke the game. I don't know... it was maybe level 27 or something? but enemies just stopped appearing. And the level didn't want to end. I had to stop. (Got daily second btw... so it's kinda annoying)

Really very good.

Just a few suggestions.

1. Add an indicator to the mini-map showing where your ship is, even if its just a blue arrow or something showing which sector you're in.

2. More weapons, plus the ability to switch between different weapons, maybe even add enemies that are susceptible to certain weapons and resistant to others.

3. More maps and more enemies, 40 waves on one map with only different types of enemies made it a little repetitive.

4. Add the ability to sell/replace turrets, i'm sure your idea was to force people to choose whether to simply buy turrets or save for the missile launchers, but it was almost a no-brainer to buy basic turrets, since it took f'ing ages to save up the amount of cash required to buy more than maybe two rocket luancher turrets.

5. Perhaps add different ships? Something we can select at the start?

6. Allow us to fly over our base, perhaps even allow us to replenish our shields by flying over the core, in exchange you could reduce the amount of shielding we start with or increase the damage enemies inflict.

7. Perhaps add purchasable allies that fly around shooting enemies, either alongside us as wingmen, or on their own as guards.

8. Additional game modes, an inverse game could be cool, have the base start fully upgraded with guards, then have the 40 waves as usual, but this time you're one of the attackers, the base would repair between each round, and the guards would heal and be replaced, each wave of attackers would get stronger as usual, the game ends when the core dies, and you gain points for doing it in as few waves as possible.

Not bad

Got pretty reptitive. No new enemies.
I thought values of enemies would increase to get upgrades a bit faster, but they do not took about 10+ levels to save up for $500

Make sure you place your turrets right;

You won't get any money back for them if you try to buy something else instead.

Overall, a solid game, despite the fact that an enemy unit was stuck offscreen after everything else was killed in round 11, making it impossible to continue. The controls are a bit slippery, but fitting for the theme. It just lacked variety. The speed upgrades were hardly noticeable, and all the weapon upgrades did were increase power rather than improve accuracy or spreading the fire or whatnot. Those sorts of upgrades could have mixed things up a bit for the better.

Not much wrong with it, not much exceptional.


It was pretty nice (graphics, animation, ....), kudos for that, but it gets kind of boring pretty fast...