Reviews for "Core Defense"


Nicely designed game, but i noticed there where a couple bugs. as mentioned below, prices where inconsistent with the price listed. In addition, at the end of a level when my health was replenished, i could be hit by missles and take damage, forcing me o start the next wave with half health.

I liked the graphics and overall look of the game, but maybe a change of environment or interactive surroundings would make the game seem less repetitive.

Other then that, good job and keep up the nice work.


yeah it's alright. nice graphics.

the vehicals move a bit weird, and it's like dizzyish. :o


i like the graphics and all and you put work into it but my main problem is this:
1.When the enemys shoot you when you dodge the bullets you end up getting your base destroyed so its be shot or let your base be shot.


Really good game

i liked it

pretty good, but could use a thing on the map telling you where ur ship is