Reviews for "Core Defense"

Good, but...

But a bit too boring, try put more upgrades, and especially more enemies for the next one

I foundz a bug!

When you buy the rocket turret for the base it sez 500 for the price but it only uses up 300 matter. Still, I think this is a great game, I played thru all the difficulties whee and now mah fingers hurt. :)


i'd like to have a minimap to see where the enemies are comming from instead of the colored sectors.
I found a bug also, after you buy a turret and not place it because you want to buy a diffrent turret, your matrials are gone.


its a good game but like everyone else said it could use more stuff
also if you click to buy a turrent and you click on a differnt money you lose the money but get no turrent


This game is very well made. The animation is superb, with lots of great detail. The whole defense system was very fleshed out, and the entire game in whole was awesome.

The fact that you can use your defense vehicle as well as your base as offensive attackers makes the game pretty good. I gave you a 9 for no story.

- Isolated