Reviews for "Core Defense"

Nice, but gets a bit boring after a while

i like the graphics and the concept, but after a while it gets kinda boring... and as everbody already said it has some few bugs that needs to be fixed, if possible.
mabye some more upgrades to the ship, and it would be nice with some kind of fire support from above.


The price for the rocket turret is not 500, it is only 300. You might want to change that. it would help alot of people out. It was a decent game, though I have the same complaints as everyone else. change the bugs with it, and it would be a great game.


... around level 3. I killed all the ships,
and it would not progress to the next level.
The upgrade buttons disappeared,
and the "GO" button was grayed out.

So I had to quit.

Good effort. Real close. Please follow other review comments below.



Fun game, not gonna give you the same shpeel about replaceable turrets as everyone else. Bit of a bug when i tried to buy a new turret and put it on an old one though. I didn't get a new turret (obviously) but it still took 50 of my resources and didnt give me a turret. Also, possible improvement I didn't see mentioned, maybe an upgrade that makes it easier to grab materials, magnet or something, idk. Other than that Great game, excellent job with the graphics.

nice but it has bugs

You won't get any money back for them if you try to buy something else instead.
Time after time an enemy geds stuck outside the screen witch makes it imposible to finish the game