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Reviews for "Captain Zorro. Last Hope"


its look like the doom games and it gets boring

doom all over again

it was nice but too much like doom i like how if your health drops below 25 % your vison gets jacked up but too boring make more monster/robots maybe a boss i didnt play it all the way thru cuz i got bored but not bad..i love doom like games

nice but a few sugestions

try to animate the reloads better and have a system where u buy a clip,s worth of bullets ( not A clip) and have it like this

bullets in clip )( clip size
bullets out of clip

and have it where bullets left over after a reload are saved kept in the bullets out of clip area. Then you take the bullets and put them in the clip ( this is ok not to animate it takes to long and the players wont get it )

Also consider leting the guns the character has domore damage but there are more robots or insted just make robots do more damage.

alsosome extra guns might be useful ( machinepistol, smg, EXPLOSIVES ( BIG DEAL ) a posible magnum, sniper( requires more space ), a SPREADING shotgun, laser rifle( hey if robots have energy weapons y shouldnt you?) melee weapons, emp ( big fun ), fuzion rocket launcher (very very VERY fun ) posible diffrent weapons for robots ( hey it gets boring after a while) and speaking of robots try to include more types and versions that r smarter than others and A BOSS BATTLE. ( its disapointing that you win by one-hitting a computer that is unguarded and gives no warning u r near. ( i wuz expecting a robot to shootatme while i looked at it.)

but uh... plz dont expand this one just make a much better sequal with a story PLEASE!!!!!

good but repetitive

i didnt wanna really play anymore after i got all the guns and ammo

futuristic doom

the only thing i have to say bad about this game is that it needs a little more variety and maybe dont regenerate healht so quickly it makes it a lil to easy but overall it reminds me of the first doom and is extremely fun it could be better though