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Reviews for "Captain Zorro. Last Hope"


Nice 3D game, Its pretty easy, when you get used to the Controls.

Pretty good!

I enjoyed the game. There were no glitches, so very well done there. Definatly brought back the Doom-esque feelings when playing those, so that was cool. Practice some more, and I think you could do very very well.

I wouldn't mind seeing different enemies, perhaps some bosses? Maybe adding in some upgrades? Still getting/buying new weapons, but also being able to upgrade various things. The controls are solid, so that is a BIG PLUS!!!

Great job though!

pretty good

couldn't be bothered to finish it cause it got pretty boring


I don't know if there are others, but this is the first 3D flash game I have ever seen. This game was just pure awesome. It wasn't too easy, nor too hard. You actually had to use strategy in some places to survive, another great addition. Also, the weapons were worth taking the time saving up.

My only problems are that sometimes, the speed of the rotation was a little bit too much. Maybe, what you could do is normally have nice slow rotation speed, perfect for aiming, and when you press the shift button, you have a much higher rotation speed, perfect for bringing your gun around to someone behind you. Also, when you reload, you lose the clip, even if you reload at full ammo. What I'd do is instead of calling it RELOAD, I'd call it, REPLACE CLIP, because you can pull out the clip at any time, but you lose the ammo inside it. There was barely any reloading time at all, so there's basically no bad side to reloading in front of a bunch of enemies, so, please make there at least 1 or 2 seconds of reloading time.. if you could fix those, then I would consider this a near-perfect game.

Overall, this is an ownage games with only a few minor problems.

futuristic doom

the only thing i have to say bad about this game is that it needs a little more variety and maybe dont regenerate healht so quickly it makes it a lil to easy but overall it reminds me of the first doom and is extremely fun it could be better though