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Reviews for "Captain Zorro. Last Hope"

it was fun

i liked most of it but it could use head shots more wepons and a real last boss other wise it was a good 3d flash game


i guess it was ok but i got bored real easy. i think u could have done better on the game expeshaly the gun firering it was so fake and slow also it takes for ever to kill one robot a mean how many shots dose one robot need to do go down i mean dam it took for every but still was ok so ill give it an 8

Good idea

It was a great idea, this is something i have never seen in a flash game, but too repetitive, i hope to see something like this in the future, but there has to be a better system of things like item drops, and a better shop system, where you are able to buy armor, upgrade your guns, and buy/sell stuff. Also it might be helpful for new players to have the health regen, but it is better to have random rooms with health items and also, add a system where you are able to see the amount of ammo you have, not how many clips/magazines of ammo you have. All in all this was a great concept to make a 3d flash game, but it needed a better system of things, so i give this a 7/10, and a 3/5.


its good, but its always the same

awesome game ;)!!

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