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Reviews for "Captain Zorro. Last Hope"

I agree with archad though...

i don't know about Red Hot Chili Peppers, but most definitely cheese puffs X,D
i liked it, yet it didn't hold my attention as long as it could have.
+ idk, i just like the doomz characters face when he gets hurt, ect.

it's like doom

only with better graphics

Alot of room for improvement

First off: The things that need to be improved
Title screen:
-Draw more interesting things and better poses or have someone else draw them for you. No one stands there like a mannequin while firing a weapon, and the robot looked childish.
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers is not suitable sci-fi shooter material

In game:
-Easy mode was way too easy (didn't play the others). Playing easy doesn't mean being invulnerable.
-Shop was sorta limited, more options would've been nice.
-Never, ever, make an end-boss that doesn't attack you and takes only one bullet to take out. Never.

-The face of the character in the HUD was something I always loved from doom, sadly, only the face when your health was up at the max looked good. After you took some damage, the mouth was replaced by a white, flat surface and the main character started to squint.
-The robots looked like something a five-years-old would draw. Draw something cooler or scarier.

Positive facts:
-Music in the actual game was cool, even though more variation would've been great.
-The HUD setup and look was awesome!
-The levels were interesting and intrigueing.
-The super computer looked awesome!
-The weapons were well designed.


the game was good i think the only thing that felt repetitive was that the enemies just got bigger cannons and the weapons were all technically automatic nothings wrong with that it just lacked a little variety is all but other then that good game!


That was greaaat! The only thing I wood say was it was the same thing ovr and ovr again wich got a bit boring. But over all it was a great,although doom layden game!