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Reviews for "Captain Zorro. Last Hope"

i got the the hiest score out of any one beat game

beat the game

Needs improvement

There are a quite a few issues I had with it.
1. Control options the choose the buttons or a second option for those not using a desktop ( mouse aims, right button to shoot).
2. Im not going to harass you for using a doom engine, but possibly use a better one if you are going to.
3. Tunnel vision when injured, not a fan because it makes it nearly impossible for you to get survive when this kicks in making me lose interest in trying. Perhaps use a slow time reflex or a less distorted vision.
4. I do not mind you using robots, but may I suggest tweeking the graphics enough so it doesnt look so generic.
5. going back to the graphics, it seems like it is unbalanced , some have more attention ( the characters face, the gun) which replaces the quality of others ( the explosions and the robots)
It has potention, it just shouldn't be the final product. Hope this helps.


Cool game. Would be better if there was the option to use the mouse for aiming instead of just the keyboard.

this game is bad

the game was bad


This is a great 3D game. I never knew his was possible to make in flash...